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 Identifying GvG targets.

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Identifying GvG targets. Empty
PostSubject: Identifying GvG targets.   Identifying GvG targets. Icon_minitimeMon Apr 05, 2010 5:27 am

When selecting targets for GvG there are several points to always keep in mind:

The first is that anyone within 25 levels of your current level are valid targets; this means that if you are level 100, you can attack players from levels 75 through 125. The FS Helper application for the Firefox browser makes this very easy. It gives you the option of highlighting PvP targets for either PvP or GVG or both.

The second is that the target must have been active within the last 7 days. The moment they hit 7 days inactive, they are no longer a valid GvG target.

Now comes the meat and potatoes of GvG; player stats!

Attack: This is your ability to hit another player. viking
Defense: This is your ability to block another players attack. peek
Armor: This is how much damage you can absorb before your HP are affected. (HP + Armor= Total damage you can take before being defeated.)
Damage: This is how much damage you can deliver.

The primary key to successful GvG is being able to attack your target without them being able to attack you back. You accomplish this by selecting targets who have a lower attack than your defense. You also want to make sure that their armor + HP are lower than your damage. This will insure a win 98% of the time not including buffs and guild structure bonuses.

Make sure that your attack is greater than the targets defense, otherwise you will never hit them unless you get a critical hit and even then that may not be enough.

And lo', he smite them with one mighty blow...
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Identifying GvG targets.
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