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PostSubject: History   History Icon_minitimeMon Mar 24, 2008 8:35 am

You guys wanted the History of the Guild, so here it is. The Guild was started around April of last year by Distort and a core group of players such as Danica, Zotreth, Lizardfina, joquestraap, and a few others and I signed on soon after at around level 6. Things were good for a few months, lot of laughs, and I learned the ropes.

Then in about June or so, Distort couldn't log in as much as he could before because of his job, so he made Danica Founder and passed everything on to her. Again, a few months passed with all of us working to expand the Guild, but we were still a little short on FSP, so I started making crazy deposits to the Guild, FSP and Gold, to help out when I could, and the Guild gained a few more buildings and several more member slots. Then after a while, I was granted more options for my rank and eventually, the real world was catching up with Danica and Zotreth, both of them in college and all, so Danica went to leave the Guild with me after a majority vote of the remaining members.

However, when she went to click on my name to succeed her, her mouse glitched, and in a freak accident, made 11216 Founder instead by mistake, who has been inactive for 18 days by then. So I had no choice but wait until they went completely inactive after another two weeks, then with the help of my Guild, mutiny to regain control of the Guild. The initial Mutiny failed due to the other members sporadic activity, so I had to wait another week before I could initiate another mutiny. Meanwhile, I was settling into my role as acting Founder and bouncing ideas between myself, Danica, and Zotreth for better efficiency. Back then, I already understood the value of seeking input from others before putting anything into effect instead of trying to strike out on my own.

Meanwhile, I was running front page ads trying to boost membership, but people were afraid to join a headless Guild, so I came up with an idea. I sent out mass messages trying to organize a proper time to Mutiny, then sent a reminder a few days ahead of time and dismissed any who did not log in before the Mutiny. I had to do this for a couple weeks before the Guild finally came into my hands, but by then there were only about 7 members left, so it's hard to tell if I actually gained anything. I don't like resorting to such tactics, but I did all I could in the best intrest of the Guild, and I beg forgiveness from any who were victimized by such tactics and am sorry it came to that.

Once I was officially Founder, I wasted no time in posting a front page ad to advertise membership, resulting in the biggest influx of members in the shortest amount of time to date, tripleing the members. AFter that, things picked up for a little while, but after a few more months, membership began dwindling again. I was constantly the only one active in the Guild and was at a loss of what to do. Then I signed Hellswar on, and after that, it was like a lit match to a fuse. We started getting new members left and right and things picked up fairly quickly and have only gotten better since. I don't know how he did it, but he breathed life back into a dying Guild, many of you are here because of Hellswar, if not directly, then as a result of his activity, and somehow, "Good Job" just doesn't quite cover it. If I'm the Head of the Guild, then he's the Heart, straight up.

Then, sometime in October, I got job with the school system, which meant that I could afford to donate more FSP and Gold to the Guild, expanding it even further, more members, structures everything.

I've seen a lot in my stay here, and experienced much, and I'd like to pass this knowledge on to it's members. A guild is only as strong as it's members. In a Guild with a strong Founder and many members, if those members aren't very active, no matter how big, then the Guild will eventually stagnate and crumble. But a Guild with an inexperienced Founder, but with strong, active members under them can prosper if the Founder has the insight to work with it's members instead of trying to do everything by themselves. It's only limited by the imagination of it's members.
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